Astro Vastu Power established as a Research centre in 2012. We strive to resolve major life challenges such as Job, Business, Marriage, Child, Growth and other issues.

We are very simple in concept as Astrology, Vastu based on the astrological chart and simple remedies are the basics of our approach and we like to keep it very simple by keeping focus on solving problems. A person will experience no peace of mind or growth if living in a house not compatible to his astrology chart.

We Human being not only carry the energy of lagna kundali that we are born within us but the same energy also exists in our living space meaning the House we own and is known as Vastu energy Hence it becomes very important to know how balanced our House is as one will only lead a successful Productive and a purposeful life in a Positive atmosphere without any hindrance causing due to the negative Energy emanating from Earth and Cosmos.

The house we live in has the same energy as our astrological chart and when you nullify bad energy in-house and enhance positive effects then only you keep getting results you wish. We concentrate on How we move through these transcending periods and make sure our growth and development don’t stop. How we handle that transfer will affect our attitudes and behaviors in the next quadrant and throughout the entire evolution of our life.

As with the time every science evolves and so has astrology, During our research of several years we found that most of the problems in this era can be solved by combining astrology with Vastu and providing remedies which are not only affordable and effective but also synchronise with modern era.