Astrology Services
Indian tenets such as the impact of past life and the position of the stellar at conception or at birth, form the basis of extending astrological guidance at Vastu Research Centre. Our guidance helps to curb the impact of events that will take place in your future life. Through our Astrological and Vastu services, we guide you with the right course of action to be followed at the right time, so that you can seek happiness not only in your home, but also in life in totality.

Career in Business
Astrology services at Astro Vastu help to walk the path leading towards success and growth. Through our readings we offer clarity that will ease your decision to choose the right business option for a better career. Through our expertise we can provide options for career engagements and also predict favorable time periods for career rise. The influence of houses (lagna) and planets, and the condition of the Sun, stars and the Moon are fundamental in overcoming career troubles.

Health and Wellness
Astrology is successful in delivering results in all aspects of life. Health and wellness is one such example. People suffering from various diseases can seek relief through our Astrology services, which help you to bring your mind and body at an efficient state of working by offering remedies not only for the physical well-being, but also for the mental stability of an individual.

Wealth & Gains
People often come up with their monetary problems such as lack of money, inability to save in spite of earning a handsome amount or even problems related to quick outflow of money. The answers to all these and many more money related issues are found through Astrology. By studying the position of the Venus in the Kundli, one can reveal facts about the ability to attract money. We are equipped to understand the root cause of the problem and offer a practical solution for it.

International Travel
Astrology has proven its success in answering questions about desires to travel abroad. The principles that form the basis of providing solutions are sound and time tested. Our study can reveal information about the possibility of travel, timing of travel and in some cases we are even able to predict the location of travel that will be more favorable to you. By studying your charts, we can guide you whether your desire to travel abroad or abroad settlement can be turned into reality or not.

Child Education
Education plays an essential role in shaping one’s life. It is often seen that parents are highly concerned about their child’s education and future career options. With so many career options available, one gets confused about choosing the best career subject. Astrological services at Astro Vastu helps throw light on education arenas where child can seek perfection and help select profession that will compliment his chart.

Marriage & Relationship
A troubled relationship can cause more harm than any good. It is very important to find peace and happiness in all relationships around you, whether it is with the spouse, parents, children or business partner. Astrology helps to eliminate relationship confusions and conflicts through in depth study of the charts, planets and luminaries. Also, before getting married people come for Kundli match and through Astrology we offer our advice on how compatible the future relationship would be.

Kundli Analysis
Our Kundli Analysis service offers deep analysis of your charts from the spectrum of planetary positions and heavenly bodies action. We share all the details after analyzing the Kundli, and also offer some remedies only when your Kundli demands so. We provide gemstones, balls and pyramids favorable for you so that any future obstacles seen in the Kundli can be averted. These remedies absorb all the negativities surrounding an individual and throws back positive vibrations.


Grah Mantra
At Astro Vastu, we offer various Mantras, the recital of which helps to spread positive vibrations all around you. Mantras are formed with the combination of words that spread across the Universe to change the negative effects into positive ones. These Mantras are highly powerful and by reciting them one can strengthen the position of the planets in one’s Kundli.

Organize Puja
Puja is an act of acknowledging the ultimate power present around us and offering our belief in that power by performing certain rituals. Through Puja the negative effect of planetary movements on our life is mitigated and helps to ward off the negative influences. We organize Puja for various purposes, which are suggested only after thorough analysis of an individual’s Kundli. Unlike the commercialized mindset of the Pundits, at Astro Vastu we organize Puja that will build your inner strength and faith.