Astro Vastu


“Yesterday’s magic is today’s science and today’s magic is tomorrow’s science”
― A Secret Revealed by Lord Krishna In Bhagavad Gita

Namaskar and welcome to AstroVastu Power
With the birth of a child his journey starts in this world. How the child’s life would be, his career, his marriage, his money and property, his health, his relationship with parents and relatives will all depend on the birth chart which is formed as soon as the child is born. Birth chart is nothing but the placement of planets in his 12 houses and the combination and zodiacs sings which actually forms permutation and combination for the events which are likely to happen as the child grows into the adult.
Astrology is the ancient science, just like fengshui, acupuncture, yoga and Ayurveda. Astrology studies these patterns and relationship of planets in motion in the birth chart and help in decoding the meaning.
There is one more science which goes hand in hand with Astrology and that is Vastu. It is surprising factor but true vastu of the house in which the conception of the child has happened and the birth of the child is reflected in the astrological chart of the child.
So let’s understand what Vastu isand how it effects astrological chart.
Vastu is nothing but a Shastra an ancient Indian Vedic Science of Architecture that puts down guidelines on the construction of buildings such that they are in harmony with the environment or nature. The harmony management is achieved by managing the flow of cosmic energy through and around the buildings, which in turn promotes the well-being, peace and prosperity of the inhabitants.
When Astology and Vastu combined together is termed as Astrovastu; manages the flow of cosmic energies in persons chart along with the energy of buildings, which in turn promotes the well-being, peace and prosperity of the inhabitants