Astrovastu power is a platform where we provide the consultation based on the astrological chart as well as the remedies for vastu without demolition of anything. We understand that every person planet position is different and so should there house, factory and business premises should correspond with their astrological chart. Astrovastu has the power to rectify your birth chart problem area and sometimes even you will not experience the impact of any bad placement of planet in your chart.

About Hanish Bagga
He was born in Rajasthan place where astonishing forts, the beautifully engraved temples and the splendid Havelis displays vastu of Rajasthan’s architectural heritage. Architecture of Rajasthan and astrology always fascinated Hanishji. Earlier he worked in corporate world but could not curtail his desire from learning more about vastu and astrology and in 2012 he finally decided to leave his corporate Job and started he journey of his souls desire to explore more about this ancient science and tell the world about are rich heritage and ancient science with modern touch.
He has consulted more than 10thousand clients from India and abroad. He has not only in consultation business he teaches these subjects with passion as his mission is to spread the awareness as well develop more capable students to help many other people. He has organized many seminars and workshops for astrologer giving them more insight and new techniques on Astrology and Vastu related topics. He and his research team is constantly working on developing products related to astrovastu providing solutions to major defects in the construction of building.