Case studies-1
How garment exported and manufacturer benefited from lalkitab

Garment exporter had a kanya lagan chart with Saturn in 6th house. He was facing loads of financial difficulties as is orders were getting rejected because the labours were not following orders and taking proper note of the instruction given to them. They had were not working in harmony and this was showing in the product final output so in spite of getting orders they were unable to execute it as the result was financial loses and the company was in the verge of closing done .

The case was given to hanishji with the instructions that we cannot change anything in thepremises and as we are running in loses so will not be able to allot huge budgets for vastu changes too
Hanishji visited site and noticed that south zone was week due to over powering of north zone which needed to be balanced and well as west had window giving trouble from west zone. There were some problem in north east due to which North West was also affected and due to all these zone being disturbed center or bramsthan was also affected.
He advised the owner to place a very specific picture of night scene with labours sitting in circle around the fire and the fire should not be more than 30%. With these specification this picture was placed on the north wall to balance north and south zone. This single picture reduced the effect of over powering of north and balanced south zone at the same time. This picture also solved the problem of disharmony between the labor and enhancing the team effort thus effecting in the production quality.

He also advised them to closed window of west with wood as wood is Saturn reducing the negative effect of west zone.

He asked them to installed silver square pieces in north east which resulted in enhancing the effect of north east as well as balancing north west which helped the owner in getting more and smooth cash flow and also getting harmony back between labours which resulted in getting orders executed properly and thus the problem was solved as they were getting orders but were unable to execute properly resulting in losses. All this happened in 4 months’ time and the factory was restored effectively without much of expense and demolition.

Case studies -2
Financial losses, family disputes, court notices and factory closing situation

Case came to Hanishji when the court notices were severed and the factory was closed and financial crises issue was there
He asked for the person chart after going through the chart and visiting his house found cut in the west direction, almira kept in south direction which had stationary and some important papers in it, family living area was in south west direction and there factory was also south facing.

All these things were sloping and impacting the harmony of directions and causing them all issues and hurdles
He advised them to install white colour water tank in east direction of there factory to balance east direction as well as North and North East also improved Resulting in growth and stability.
Enhanced west zone with neelam burring the ground of the residential premises solving the defect of west and strengthening Saturn.

Removed files and stationery from south zone and made them placed in the north direction and also asked them to change their sitting area from south west to north east
As a result of these changes there were able to settle the notices of the court and restart there factory. Family disputes stopped and money flow increased. Now they are happy and successful.