The ancient science of Vastu is not only important for home but is equally relevant in offices too. Like the home, even the office should have a balance of the five elements of nature in right place. This helps to promote harmony among the employees and thus supports the path to success. Though it is recommended to apply Vastu at the construction stage itself but there are certain remedies that can be applied to design the office accordingly.

Reception is the welcome space of your office. It is the first place of encounter with a visitor and thus this place should reflect high levels of positivity and energy. It is recommended to display your company products or photographs at the reception area. The reception should ideally be in the Northeastern direction but our Vastu expert can guide you with some remedies if this is not the case in the current scenario.

Owner’s Cabin
The owner or the Chairman of the office should have his office in the Southwest direction preferably. It is also suggested that he must work facing East or the North direction. Vastu helps to smoothen out the process of payments and new orders and thus help business rise to new heights. If you are looking for a constructing a new office then you can seek advice from our Vastu Consultant for designing the construction accordingly. Our experts can also help to convert the present office space into Vastu friendly place.

Staff Area
Vastu is essential for every single cabin and corner of the office. The direction of the employees sitting area depends on the nature of his/her work. For example, the finance person should sit in the north direction facing north or east. This will help improve financial returns. Proper placing of various employees will help smooth running of the business and will also strengthen relationships amongst the employees. A wrong location can result in restlessness and be a cause of fatigue among employees.

Guest/Visitor Area
The guest area of the office should be ideally located at the lowest position in the office. The recommended direction is ideally North West and it is better that a visitor has business displays within the reach of a few steps. The area must be designed in a way that the visitor gets immense amount of positive vibrations and a pleasing environment when he enters the office. In absence of such things the office area can lose its synergy and thus ultimately affect the entire working of the business.