Home is the place where one finds profound peace and happiness. If this is disturbed, then it is essential to seek external support to gain it back. At Astro Vastu, we are experts in Vastu Shastra and offer personalized remedies to each individual. It is important for homes to be constructed on the basis of Vastu, since it helps to maintain peace and harmony in the residence. Through Vastu we help make your home an ideal place to live.

Vastu has different principles applicable for different types of bedrooms. Bedroom is a place for relaxation and comfort. We apply various principles of Vastu for making your bedroom Vastu compliant. We offer various remedies such as balls and pyramids that suck negative energies present in your bedroom and make it a peaceful place to relax and get energized for the next day. Our solutions are scientific based and are offered only after compulsory checking of the place.

Living Room
Living Room is the place where a family member spends some quality time with other members. Living Room is also the place where we socialize the most and therefore it is important to keep the Vastu of the living room intact. There are numerous factors that determine the position of your living room but ideally a living room must be in the East or the North direction. We at Astro Vastu guide you effective ways of making your living room a positively powered room.

Kids Room
A child’s room must be full of positive energy. It is crucial to position a child’s room according to Vastu as it helps in not only eliminating negativities but also contributes to the child’s overall development. Our Vastu services guide with not only the position of the room but also sheds light on how different furniture should be placed in the room. We offer advice that will help the child to focus better and spread freshness and peace around him.