Originated in India, Vastu is a science that works according to an individual’s personal aura. People often mislead individuals by standardizing the principles of Vastu for all. There has been a lot of misguidance for Vastu and therefore it is essential to consult an expert who has a proven track record and possesses great practical knowledge of implementing Vastu to a home or an office.

Vastu is the art of applying directional science, along with the existence of natural elements surrounding us. It is important to maintain a balance between these natural elements- fire, water, earth, sky and space, also known as ‘Panchbhootas’. Vastu is the study of these cosmic powers and the impact that they have on our daily life. It is not only the presence of these elements that is essential, but maintaining the right balance between these elements is also very crucial. This helps pave the way to good health, increasing wealth and gaining prosperity in life.

Vastu is unique and thus at Astro Vastu, we study, analyze and then form a unique approach of applying Vastu at a given place. Though it is suggested to implement Vastu at the time of construction only, people can seek Vastu services for already constructed structures too.